Manage It Dad-Style


I haven’t posted anything in a month. My complaint is that I don’t have enough time. How do I have a full-time job, take care of things around the home, spend time with the Lord, spend time with Lisa, and have my own personal down time? My dog also begs for time with me when I walk in the door, I’m reading books and throwing away things in preparation for our baby, trying to read other books for personal growth, and find time to enjoy my musical hobbies. There is not enough time!!!

Gut-check time.

Guess how much TV I watch in a week? Probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 30-35 hours. With the invention of DVR, I can now trim that down to about 25 hours. That’s a little less than 4 hours a day. I watch less hours during the week, and more hours on the weekends. Time spent on Fantasy Basketball? Depending on what’s happening and how much research I’m doing, that can be about 5-12 hours of my week. Thank God I don’t play video games or use Facebook.

In my defense, television and Fantasy Basketball help me unwind more than anything else. After a long workday I just want to vegetate and let my stress be washed away in HD. And a lot of times I will do my Fantasy Basketball research while I’m watching TV. I’m all about multi-tasking even when I’m relaxing. But regardless of home much it helps me decompress, this is too much time wasted, right?

According to Nielson, the average American watches over 4 hours of TV per day. (That’s less than me! I’m justified!) But the crazy part is that 49% admit they watch too much TV! We all know we’re wasting our time. Why do we do it?

Here’s my 2 cents: I’m lazy. And I think most of America is too. At least my generation and younger certainly is. We all think we’re busy and life is crazy because we have so much on our plates. And we do!

But, the reason I can’t keep up with things around the house, I don’t practice playing bass, and I don’t regularly blog is because I watch too much TV. Or, other people’s time is wasted on Facebook, playing video games, or, fill in your own vice.

When I look at my dad, I am ashamed of my time management. He and his generation understand hard work and getting things done. Growing up I remember him working 40+ hours a week, doing yard work Saturdays and Sundays, taking us to church Sundays and Wednesdays, coaching my sports teams two nights a week with games on Saturday mornings, and I remember waking up to him reading his Bible at the kitchen table—complete with his very large and incredibly thick glasses because he hadn’t inserted his contacts yet. If he did watch TV it was usually baseball, and he took a nap during innings 3 through 8. The guy crammed a lot into a single day—let alone a week.

As I close this post my promise to any reader is that I will post a blog at least once a week. My promise to myself is that I will cut back on TV and Fantasy Basketball, and will stop complaining about how there’s not enough time. There is enough time. I just need to manage it dad-style. And I challenge you to do the same.

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