Lent Is Over


Lent is over.

My social media fast is done.

I still haven’t re-downloaded Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


Possibly my most prevalent anxiety in fasting social media was that I would be missing out on something. There would be a hilarious picture everyone knew about that I didn’t, or I would miss details of the Blazer games on Twitter (we don’t have cable). But what I discovered was how much I had missed by being glued to my phone most of the day. Instagram only came to the Android operating system (the kind of phone I have) in April 2012, and it took me less than two years to forget the other things I enjoy.

In the last 40 days I finished a 250-page book, and started two others. I began reading the Psalms before I go to bed instead of trolling photos and tweets, and I can honestly say that I have been sleeping more soundly. My phone still comes out during commercials (those things suck) and I play a game or two, or respond to an email, but I think I’m getting better. 🙂

I’m certainly not anti-social media now, or anything crazy like that. And I’ll probably download all the social media apps again before I post this because it still is the best way to let people know what’s happening in your life. But taking a break for 40 days has made me realize the power three little applications had over my time and helped shift my perspective. Though they will once more be on my phone, I can promise you I won’t be on it even half as much as I used to be.

Whether you think you have a “problem” with social media or not, I challenge you to take a break for even one week. See if you have a “The Cable Guy” experience like I did.

If you’ve never seen “The Cable Guy” with Jim Carrey, at the end of the movie the cable goes out and everyone discovers reading again. 🙂

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