Real Life


I’m sitting in the veterinarian’s office waiting for test results because Mowgli (our dog) vomited blood last night. Lisa just texted and told me that while she went to the bathroom to pee, Asher grabbed the dog food (that was on the counter–we thought out of reach) then dumped it on the floor along with the newly folded clean laundry. Grandma was on the watch and I don’t know if she realized that little boys who will turn two in 3 months are faster than most Olympic track athletes. We also have a 2-week-old that needs changing and feeding.

It hit me.

I’m a real dad, and this is real life.

Dealing with one crisis while another one is going on at home is real fatherhood and what normal, average dads endure on a regular basis. This will be my “norm” for probably the next 20 year

These are the things I gave up pursuing a career in audio engineering for. I knew that starting out at the bottom, working long hours for minimum wage or less, would mean I’d miss stuff like this. Now, 7 years later, I’m in the thick of it and I’m happy.

I’m stressed.

But it feels like real life family stuff.

These moments of minor crisis that make you feel the walls are crumbling (but they’re not really even cracked) are what bind us together as a husband and wife team. They make us family. It’s the times when “You do this, I’ll do that, then we’ll meet here” that give us those small victories one after the other. And little by little we get better at running this small business we call “The Hills Family.”

I’m running on 3 hours of sleep today, and probably a combined 30 hours for the last week. But it’s not even bothering me because today I know I’m a real dad and a real husband.

This is real life.

2 thoughts on “Real Life

    • Thanks, Heather! I’m sure as life progresses days like this will be missed because they were so easy. It’s always funny to me how whatever we’re currently going through seems so hard, then something crazier comes along.

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