Contentment Update


As part of the 1yearwardroberesolution Team we were asked to send in an update on how we are doing. Many are at or near their halfway point. Christi (who is behind 1yearwardroberesolution) was writing an article for a magazine and wanted to use a couple of updates from her team members. She ended up posting my email to her blog, and so I thought I’d post it too. 😉

I encourage you to check out Christi’s blog:

All of her social media links are there as well. She’s definitely most active on Instagram, as that is where this all started, and is a great follow.



My year started February 1st, meaning that August 1st is six months completed of the 1 year wardrobe resolution.

I feel like my year-long journey of being content with what I have is mirroring the summer and winter solstice.

February 1 was my summer solstice. The days were bright and life was good. Two months later things were dimming but still bright, and I felt like this challenge wasn’t going to be as hard as I originally imagined. But as the months progressed and daylight shrinks to smaller amounts I’ve sometimes found it much harder to stay the course.

Though I haven’t fallen, the temptation has been murderous at times. Most notably for me was just this June when Google I/O happened. Part of my 1 year wardrobe resolution also includes refraining from any “techy” purchases. Google I/O is a two-day event where Google announces their new “techy” stuff that is coming out. Naturally I tortured myself watching videos and reading blogs about all the amazing things that are coming that I won’t allow myself to buy.

The “won’t allow myself to buy” part never changes. But the reason it doesn’t change is the important part of walking this resolution out. Am I doing it because it’s a challenge to be conquered? Or am I truly allowing my heart to be content with the things that I have and enjoying what’s right in front of me?

The biggest blessing during these first six months has been our second son, Abel Jonathan Hillis, who joined us May 8th. He’s kept my focus on him, and my money’s focus on paying hospital bills while trying to save for a larger vehicle for our family. My wife and two boys are why I want to be content. I’d rather my money be spent taking care of them and providing a better life for us than getting the next great Google toy. And I’d rather my time be spent playing on the living room floor than perusing eBay for a steal.

I consider August 1 as my winter solstice. This is the halfway point where every day for the next six months only gets longer and brighter. But February 1, 2015 isn’t just a day of completion, and it won’t be marked with purchasing whatever I want because my challenge is over. It’ll be the day I find out how much this lesson in contentment has been teaching me for 365 days.


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