About Adam


Adam has spent most of his life in the Pacific Northwest where he currently calls Beaverton, Oregon home. After graduating high school in Sisters, Oregon, he decided to move to Southern California for 4 years—only to find that they don’t have seasons. There was summer, 3 weeks of rain in January, and something everyone called “June gloom”–which seemed to him like a Wednesday afternoon in Oregon. The best thing to come from So Cal was Adam’s wife, Lisa, whom he married in March of 2007. Their first son, Asher, was born in August of 2012. He made a great addition to their Yorkie-Terrier mix, Mowgli, they were already “parenting”. Their second son, Abel, was born May of 2014.

Currently, Adam works as the Youth Department Administrative Assistant and Database Manager at Beaverton Foursquare Church. There he gets to assist and serve 5 pastors who oversee 6th through 12th grade, by managing databases, calendars, websites, phone systems, and more. He’s also involved in worship, mostly running sound and playing bass. Occasionally he gets to do a little graphic design, audio editing/recording, singing, and other creative stuff. The “creative stuff” are his true passions. He is also the Database Manager for the church overseeing the computing force behind events, emails, registrations, and checking children into their classrooms.

Adam’s job offers some opportunities for him to write, re-write, and/or edit various things for the Youth team. But here he gets to write about being a lover of God, a husband, a father, and a regular guy with a regular job: faith, family, function.US_pumpkin-patch_2014

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